10 Interesting Facts About Malaga

Malaga, Spain is one of the most visited cities in the world and it is the first stop for tourists visiting Spain. If you are planning on attending any upcoming event in Malaga or simply packing your bags for a vacation, you need to know some of the interesting facts about this city. Here is all you need to know.

The Malaga Cathedral


The walls of the Malaga Cathedral have a story to tell. What is interesting about the cathedral is the fact that its roof has recently undergone extensive restoration and parts of the stone balustrade repaired. It is important to note that the quarry of Almayate where the stones were brought from is the same quarry that provided stones that were laid in its foundation in the year 700.

The Biznaga


The biznaga is one of Malaga’s symbols that’s featured in many photo galleries. This is a delicate creation that’s made from jasmine flowers and attached to a dried wild thistle. This symbol is even more symbolic when sold on summer evenings by biznagueros in traditional attire. You can also learn more about the palak benefits for skin

Calle Larios


Calle Larios was considered the most elegant street in Spain in 1891. What’s interesting about this fact is that even after nearly 125 years, it is still ranked among the most expensive for commercial rents in Spain.

A stadium-stopping war


The foundations for the original football stadium in Malaga were laid on 21st April 1936. Two months later, the Spanish Civil war started and the football team and fans had to wait four years before the work could be restarted.

Levante and Poniente Wind


Levante is the prevailing wind that blows from the east to bring humid breezes during summer while Poniente blows into the city through the inland valleys. These are the two types of wind that bring both cool and hot feeling in the city.

The old city


Visitors flock into Malaga because it is regarded as one of the oldest if not the oldest cities in the world. It was founded by Phoenicians in 770 BC. There are interesting artifacts you will still find in the city if you pay a visit.

Birthplace of Pablo Picasso


If you are a lover of the finest pieces of art then you know the works of Pablo Picasso. But it is interesting that not so many people know the birthplace of this great artist. He was born in Casa Natal, Malaga and this is where you will have a view of the artist’s early years.

Malagueta Beach


Malagueta beach is not only the biggest beach in Malaga but happens to be the most visited beaches in the world. This beach is beautiful and the spacious hotel rooms, amazing foods and clean environment makes this a must visit destination.

Moorish Alcazaba fortress


Malaga’s Moorish Alcazaba is not only mighty but also happens to be the most extensive fortress dating from the 8th century. From the fortress, you will be able to view the city’s beautiful landscape.

Breathtaking countryside


The beauty that hits visitors when they look at this city is quite interesting. This beauty is made up of the history and culture of the city. You will never have enough of the many farms, olive trees and groves of fruit trees.